Inspector Rockwell at Condover


The first house held nothing at all. Susan had been lying, as I expected


The next house - Condover - was where she had suggested I may find out more about the "A-frame" project and Doctor Universalis


They would have a good view over the bay from here, I thought


The place was deserted. But the plants were still alive, which suggested that someone had been here up until the last few days


Yes - the view was tremendous! This would have been just the kind of place for them


Back in Roseisle, I decided to try the company again - after hours - to see who worked late and what happened there


As I turned the corner I caught sight of Robin Winks just leaving. I waited until he had driven away


The loading-bay door was still open, and someone was still there. I decided to watch


It was Susan. I followed her car, but only until I realised she was returning to the coast


It was coming on evening now


Time to go back for another look?


I decided to wait another half-hour - I had to eat. It was a mistake


Soon, it would be dark. I knew by now that I should have gone straight back


But other days would come. New things would come up. It would all come around, and it could be for the best in the long run.


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