Back to the Old School


Now an old lady, Marilyn awoke one morning to find herself transported back fifty years and changed into a phantom


She went along to her tiny old school. But it was too late in the day for anyone to be there now

Marilyn remembered her favourite teacher. He had lived in a big house by the sea. She had never been to that house but had always wondered what it was like. She decided to use this opportunity of being back in the past to see the place where her old teacher had lived


She rode in an old car that drove over the mountain, and saw the house


The teacher had lived with his wife there

Then she noticed that they were having things moved out and loaded into a van


The teacher came out and saw her

He was pleased to see her. He saw her as if she still looked a young age


He said that he was glad to see her once more, but that now it was time for him to move away



Now that her time in the past was coming to an end, Marilyn tried to remember whether or not all this had actually happened. Had her old teacher really sailed away, and if he had, where had he and his wife gone? Did she have any memory of that?


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