Importance of Reading

3 Reasons Why Reading is Important for Your Financial Success

Reading? Important for my financial success?” you ask. You might think I’m talking nonsense, but read it again! Reading is important for your financial success. Here are 3 reasons why!

1. Reading Improves Writing

According to the Financial Post, daily reading improves your overall writing skills.

When you read different works of literature and print media, you learn professional writing styles to help you become more clear, descriptive, and persuasive in your own writing. For example, when you apply for a new job, applications may ask you to describe how you would handle a work scenario. This requires sequence and thorough explanation to get your point across to your potential employer.

Don’t forget that creating a resume and cover letter are important writing tasks that’ll affect your financial success. How you write your resume and cover letter sets you apart from the rest of the applicants. Your professional writing style could be the difference between you landing the job of your dreams or having to continue your job search elsewhere.

Read, read, and read some more to get better at your writing!

2. You Will Think Before You Act states that reading helps you to think before you act.

When you get a new book case or television stand, the company provides an owner’s manual and directions to help you assemble the product. Most people want to just start putting the piece together without following the instructions first.

For your financial success, reading helps you think before you act in many scenarios.

Reading gives you wide access to new ways of thinking, and expanding your imagination.

  • Reading a job post before deciding to apply for it.
  • Perusing information about a stock market account, 401(k), or any other financial accounts before investing.
  • Proof reading your emails to your bosses, clients, and colleagues before submitting them so you do not lose credibility due to poor spelling and/or grammar.
  • Researching specific industry statistics to help you write a small business plan.
  • Keeping up with local, political, and worldwide news to be informed and hold in depth conversations with individuals.

3. Active Reading Increases Your Problem-Solving Skills

Becoming an avid reader enhances your critical thinking abilities and goes hand-in-hand with improving your problem-solving skills.

Do you remember the storyline chart in your elementary Language Arts class? Think back to that chart. In the middle of any story, the main character faces a problem that he or she must solve. The rising action part of the chart involves the obstacles the main character faces.

As you seek your financial success, you are going to experience challenges constantly. Not everything works out smoothly as you expect it to go the first time. Reading stories and local news articles helps you to see how characters and real people solve their problems. Then, you will become more patient, strategic, and careful when solving your own life issues.

For example, it may be months that go by before you land your dream job. There could be unexpected steps in the employment process.

Be sure to read to job posts carefully, reread responses to application questions, and read any job-related documents thoroughly to be sure you are not missing anything.

If you are trying to become a small business owner, finding the right venue for your business will take time as you figure out the market. Building your client base will be dependent upon how well-known you and your company are among the locals.

Read about market trends and stay informed on local and national news about your small business’s industry. Capitalize on all of the opportunities and conquer the industry challenges.


Reading is important your financial success because it improves your writing skills, it helps you think before you act, and it enhances your problem-solving skills. Get more in tune with reading daily by:

  • Reading a newspaper or some online news articles in the morning before you start your day.
  • Reading your favorite book for at least 15-30 mintues a day minimum.
  • Whenever you have a question about something, conduct some online research on it.

Whatever you want to learn more about, start by reading first. Your brain and bank account will humbly thank you!

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