About Me

Hello and Bon Voyage in your reading journey!

My name is Brian Kingsley. My mission in life is to spread the love of reading to kids and adults around the country and worldwide. I live for this mission every day when I read my children books, write articles for you all about reading and writing, and putting out podcasts about these subjects, too.

I reside in Miami, Florida with my lovely wife, McKenzie and my two children, Melinda and Brian Jr. My children are an important part of my mission. They keep going every day to keep my mission alive. However, if it weren’t for my childhood, I would not have felt this strongly about reading (and writing) as I do today.

When I was 8, I lived with my mother and elder brother. To save on bills, we usually did not have cable television. Hence, my brother and I had to find different way to entertain ourselves other than watching our favorite cartoons. For me, it was books.


Mom took us to the local library a couple times per week after school and once on the weekends so that we would have a quiet, distraction free place to work on our homework or school projects.

The first day I remember Mom taking us to the library, I recall that I finished my math homework and we were just about to go home. Mom would give us the option to pick a few books out if we finished the ones we checked out on previous visits. The first books I ever checked out at our local library was Flying Jake by Lane Smith and the famous novel, Matilda by Roald Dahl. It ended up that one of my summer reading options was the book, Matilda so I was already one step ahead of my book report for that summer!

I would get book publication updates from my librarians and school teachers. As I got my older, my love of reading grew so much that I would read a kid’s or teen’s novel in 1-2 days during my spare time.

Mom was able to get cable television when I turned 10 and I remember sometimes denying watching my favorite Saturday morning cartoon just to catch up on the current book I was reading.

Now, you may not be as much of a bookworm as I am, but building your love of reading is important for daily life. It delves you into a world unlike any other experience that you get from watching a television program. Pick up a book that interests you and you’ll see what I mean!