Kingly Reading Philosophy

Books have the power to transport readers into other worlds and realities. Non-fiction books educate and enlighten, while fiction novels expand the imagination and entertain.

At Kingly Books, we believe that reading is one of the most important lifelong skills you can develop. Since I was a child, I’ve been passionate about reading. Now, I want to share my passion for books with the world through the Kingly Reading blog.

The Kingly Reading Philosophy

At Kingly Books, we value reading for education, entertainment, and its crucial role in lifelong learning and personal growth.

My family didn’t have cable for most of my childhood, so I devoured one book after another in an effort to keep myself entertained. Looking back, I am thankful that I grew up loving books and reading. As an adult, my love for reading has allowed me to learn something new every day.

I know how important it is to read often. Knowledge is power, and reading is one of the best ways to acquire knowledge. The Kingly Reading Philosophy’s core belief is that reading is the most powerful tool anyone can use to learn and grow.

We believe that the ability to read and write well is invaluable, and that cracking open a book every day is the key to living a good life.

Our Mission Statement

Kingly Reading supports everyone on their reading journey, despite age, gender, or literacy level. We believe that anyone from any background can learn to love reading. We fully support local libraries, authors, bookstores, and writers who provide valuable reading resources for all. Kingly Reading is dedicated to providing useful information about books and reading to create an engaging, helpful online community for readers and writers everywhere.

The Benefits of Reading

Reading works the brain in ways watching television or playing video games cannot. Reading has been linked to improved cognitive function, decreased depression and anxiety, and increased happiness. When you read, you make your brain a little brighter, better, and stronger.

Reading can make a positive impact on a child’s life by keeping them occupied and out of trouble. In my experience, bored children are more likely to get into trouble outside of school, and they may turn to unsafe activities to keep them occupied. I saw many of my peers in school get caught up with the wrong crowd simply because they had nothing better to do.

Other benefits of reading include vocabulary enhancement, increased empathy, and reduced stress. Reading can help you relax at night, and it may prevent cognitive diseases while helping you live longer.

When you read books across a wide variety of genres, you can expand your imagination and knowledge base. Books allow you to connect to cultures from all over the world. When you read, you become part of something larger than yourself. It’s a way to escape from reality and connect with the world at the same time.

When you read, you find other tales of adventure, and the struggles of other people in the world become real to you. Celebrities, sport athletes, politicians and icons of any type suddenly become human to us, as we delve into what really goes into becoming the people they eventually became.

Additionally, reading printed books versus online articles engages your brain and imagination much more powerfully than our iPhone screens do.

Reading also inspires those around to us to spend time off the grid, in full focus of the book you’re reading.

As a friend of mine in the mortgage business once told me, reading books was his number one (!) inspiration and guidance for becoming a successful mortgage officer and investor in real estate. That means that instead go out and just buying a home, you should probably get some books first if you want to succeed financially.

It’s Never Too Late to Become a Bookworm

Whether you are eight or eighty years old, it’s never too late to get into reading. No matter which genre you enjoy, there are mountains of books out there waiting for you to read.

If you have children, fostering a love of reading in your household will help them become more literate. Reading with your child is one of the best ways to entertain them, spend quality time together, and show them you care.

No matter where you are in life, reading is a skill and a gift you can claim for yourself at any time, and we are here to help.

It’s never too late to become a bookworm, so visit your local library today and start reading for free.

I reside in Miami, Florida with my lovely wife, McKenzie and my two children, Melinda and Brian Jr. My children are an important part of my mission. They keep going every day to keep my mission alive. However, if it weren’t for my childhood, I would not have felt this strongly about reading (and writing) as I do today.

When I was 8, I lived with my mother and elder brother. To save on bills, we usually did not have cable television. Hence, my brother and I had to find different way to entertain ourselves other than watching our favorite cartoons. For me, it was books.